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The Bloodwood Project explores the surprising vibrancy of the Australian landscape through detailed studies of leaves from the Red Bloodwood tree, Corymbia gummifera. This native hardwood is found along a thin coastal strip of eastern Australia from Brisbane to Mallacoota and is best known for its distinctive ‘bleeding’ bark and spectacular gum blossom. But, it was the extraordinary kaleidoscope of colours that develop in the dying leaves that caught our eye.

Whilst working on a photographic series of Australian natives we spotted these uniquely coloured leaves swirling down from above, in the breeze of the eucalypt landscape. The vivid patterns of bush pinks, earthy browns and bright greens created artistry almost beyond the glossy, living form of the leaves. Their beauty fragile, as the colours became increasingly muted within days of falling from their branches.

It has taken five years to bring these images to the page in a way that does justice to the same wonderful detail seen in nature and we now offer a selection as editioned photographic prints. We still have many of the original leaves and although bereft of its colour and vibrancy, the distinctive patterns of each can still be seen.

For us, the images are like portraits, each leaf in possession of its own energy, shape, colour and pattern. Each is unique, individual yet the same.

We hope you enjoy the images.
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